New book!

 A Better World is

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Social Progress

A study in contemporary philanthropy and an exclusive account of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s investment in a better world.

Published by Profile Books on 7 September 2017

‘This book is about 50 years of the Gatsby Foundation conceived, founded and funded by David Sainsbury, Britain’s most generous philanthropist. It is an inspiring story of human generosity, the power of engaged philanthropy, and how science and education can make the world better. – Sir Paul Nurse, former president of the Royal Society and chief executive of the Francis Crick Institute

I am a science writer, biographer, author and broadcaster. I live in Oxford, UK, and write about science and scientists past and present.

I write mainly about the life sciences, then and now, and also have a particular interest in women in science. I’m fascinated by the lives of scientists and their interactions with the society in which they live.